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Could Your Hot Water Tank Be Rusting Away Right Now? 

An anode is a metal rod made of aluminium or magnesium that protects your solar hot water tank from corrosion. This is also called a sacrificial anode. The idea is that this replaceable rod corrodes instead of your $1500 hot water tank...


Too many households in Australia are replacing their hot water tank prematurely, when all that is required is an anode replacement. Replacing the sacrificial anode every 4 years is by far the most cost effective method of extending the life of your hot water tank and ensuring you have good quality hot water for you and your family.
An anode is a metal rod which is designed to corrode instead of the tank hence the name "sacrificial" anode. Every hot water system comes with a factory installed anode and they usually only last 4 years (depending on water hardness). Once depleted there is nothing to stop the corrosion of your tank. Regularly replacing it can triple the life of your solar hot water storage tank.


We supply an anode rod that is over 95% magnesium (not aluminium like many others) and one of the purest on the market. The magnesium dissolves into your water over time instead of breaking down and leaving nasty sediment at the bottom of the water heater tank. The Magnesium also provides many health and environmental benefits as it passively dissolves in your hot water supply. Many anodes on the market are made of aluminium and there are still concerns as to whether this is safe for humans.