Imagine there was an incredibly inexpensive way of prolonging the life of your gas or electric hot water tank that was also remarkably easy to install.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, here at Brazen, we like to think about things a bit differently. See, we’re big fans of simple solutions that save us money, just like you are.

Now, you’re probably wondering what this magical, hot water tank-saving item is. Well, some might call it an anode, but we prefer “sacrificial anode,” because it’s making a sacrifice for the best interests of your much larger investment – and your family’s continued access to hot water.

Sacrifice, you ask? Well, this replaceable metal rod will corrode long before your tank does. Without an anode, there’s nothing stopping your tank from rusting out. If you ensure that the anode is in shape and replaced every four years, your hot water tank’s lifespan will be at least doubled.

At Brazen, we build our anodes to last. We use brass for the nut rather than cheaper iron that you might see from other companies. An iron nut will corrode on the outside making a second anode replacement impossible if it’s completely rusted up.

A small investment in a sacrificial anode now will save you all kinds of money down the road. You’ve got enough other projects to worry about around the house, so keep that hot water tank running the way it’s meant to with this cheap and easy fix.

This anode will fit gas and electric hot water tanks from most major manufacturers, and we’ll offer you a 365-day money back guarantee just to make sure it’ll work for you. Get in touch with us today and prolong your tank’s life!

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