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My name is Dom Lake and I started Brazen in 2013 from my garage in Perth…

It was actually my parents that gave me the idea to start the company due to the fact they lived in an apartment complex in Subiaco and had a problem with their hot water system.

Basically they had this huge 400L hot water tank in a closet inside their apartment.  They had heard of other owners in the complex having the whole place flooded due to the anode not being replaced and the system springing a leak.

But they also had an additional problem that there wasn’t much overhead space so putting in a new anode was going to be tricky.  That coupled with the fact the plumber wanted to charge $250 which I thought was a bit rich.

So I looked into manufacturing the anodes to specification in china and then shipping them to Perth.  First it started out as a little hobby business but now has grown quite a bit.  From origins of just selling flexible anodes to offering a whole range of types and sizes to suit a multitude of systems.

I now send out anodes all over Australia on a daily basis and get emails everyday from people needing information on installing and maintaining their hot water heater.

If you have a question or comment please feel free to contact me or checkout my blog for articles on all things hot water anodes!


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