Aluminium Anode Rods For Hard Water

Aluminium vs Magnesium anode
Aluminium vs Magnesium anode


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+ Easy installation when overhead space is limited

+ Extends the life of your Hot Water Tank

+ Magnesium is a healthier alternative to Aluminium type anodes

+ Brass Hex Nut (wont rust like iron) Makes Checks easy

+ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

+ 1 Year Warranty


+ 1510mm or 1.5m long

+ 21mm in diameter (27mm Brass hex nut)

+ will require a 27mm socket

(This sizing is standard for the bulk of residential water heaters)
*When you buy it now, you’ll get a 1510mm long STRAIGHT anode (you can cut to size if need be)

(IMPORTANT – use a standard hack saw to cut as magnesium may ignite and burn if cut with a power saw)


Suits Electric Hot Water System like;

*Rheem 160 / Rheem 315 (will fit “rheem optima”)


Suits Gas Hot Water System like;

*Rheem 170 (will fit “rheem optima”)

#Suits many Solar Hot Water Storage systems both gas and electric boosted.

This anode is an aftermarket product and is of the highest quality and will fit most Rheem, Vulcan, Dux, Aquamax, Rinnai and many others.  If unsure, please contact us at sales[at] or Tel 0406-380-283

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Aluminium, Magnesium


810mm long, 1210mm long, 1510mm long, 1686mm long, 280mm, 525mm

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