How A Sacrificial Anode Can Save You $1000

sacrificial anode

How A Sacrificial Anode Can Save You $1000

A Sacrificial anode in a hot water system is a part that most people don’t know about.  But it plays a key role in maintaining the tank and stopping rust..

Basically whenever most of us have a shower or use hot water in the home, it comes from the tank of a storage hot water system. The system can be gas, electric or solar.  When the water is heated up, it is stored in the insulated tank ready to be used when you need it.

The problem is that the hot water storage tank is made of steel. And the only thing that stops the steel from rusting is the sacrificial anode.

Typically the anode rod that comes inside your hot water system only lasts for around 5 to 7 years (the warranty period!).  This is true of all the major brands like Rheem, Vulcan, Dux etc.  After that time the tank will rust out and literally spring a leak.

An average 160L tank when brand new is around $750 and installation another $250 with the total at $1000.  If you want to check what yours might cost have a look at the Bunnings page for a price on your system here.

And this can be totally avoided by replacing the sacrificial anode!!  Checkout our quick guide for a run down on how to do this here.

For further info you can get in touch either by email or phone 0406380283.  Or to order an anode online just follow the product links.

For those in Perth I’m just in Greenwood and I stock anodes for most brands that you would come across including solarhart anodes.